Smart City


Our Smart City Concept is a community, based on innovative social concepts and presents itself as a new model of society, one in which individuals are able to live with greater harmony towards one another and the environment. Developed for multiple purposes.

The project, as ambitious as it may appear, is far from being just a utopian projection. It is founded on a logical and rational insight which recognizes the link between individuals’ morality or social openness and their physical condition, to the advancement of technologies, artificial intelligence and Smart City development in Canada

Improving physical condition, through a set of effective, specific tools that will lead to an increase in the levels of sociability and care among individuals, which in turn will produce greater results in both economic and technological fields.

Our Smart City’s site will be comprised of…

  • Organic Food Farming

  • Environmental and Emergency Care

  • Education and Learning Centre

  • Technological and AI Advancements

  • Virtual Reality Applications and Training Platforms

  • Environmental Protection

  • Green Medicine Production (Non-Cannabis) 

  • And More...

These are meant to strategically improve each physical condition so crucial for healthier social behaviour and technological growth.

Additional programs will include aerospace, aviation, flight operations, horticulture, farming, husbandry, scientific studies, solar energy, manufacturing, fabrication, exploration, mapping, and many other programs designed with these projects.

This project will serve as the Silicon Valley of sustainability and green technology, spinning off and fostering advances in green housing, green energy, organic agriculture, green tourism, innovative non-invasive medicine and other innovative technologies. Products resulting from the manufacturing of green technologies that will be used in aerospace and other leading industries, within the educational programs, will be made available in the market, increasing domestic supply and reducing both imports and ultimate costs.

This Smart City Concept will include a Geothermal energy station, with onsite home/building that will use a hybrid power system using wind & solar power.

The Smart City Concept will create job opportunities and job development for Canadians equally, open all people. It would provide an expanding jobs program in each area of the Smart City Concept for professional entrepreneurs and educators in the fields of green-technology, green medicine, green and organic farming, green tourism, healthy eating, arts and culture promotion, personal care and well-being, mental & spiritual health, events planning and more.

The Smart City Concept will offer an onsite educational mandate and would be an innovative centre of research, technology and development such fields of global concern such as social justice and self-sustainability will be key focus points.

All energy systems will be used to power all buildings and locations that require heat, wind or power, including current onsite buildings and services internally.

The Smart City Concept will host Canada’s first Intelligent Emergency Operations Centre with an Intelligence Division with a proof of concept application, offering the world’s first 3D Incident Management Command Software System that will be presented at this years Best Defence Conference by Terranova Aerospace.

The Smart City Concept will host secure a secure data control system with protected data services through our cyber intrusion detection team that is specialized in developing cyber-defence detection methods through preparedness and prevention.

The location for our Smart City Concept has been located and approved to proceed with entering into the third stage toward development in Canada. Please stay tuned for more updates as this develops and if you require more information or wish to participate in the development of our site, please email us at and a smart city representative will get back to you promptly thank you.