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Terranova Aerospace is your one-stop shop connecting the manufacturer to the end user.

RPAS, Aerospace, & Defence

We develop intelligent remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), unmanned aircraft systems (UAS/UAV) for Canadian public safety, police, fire rescue, and military.

Applications include:

  • Military ISR Missions / Security / Surveillance

  • Law Enforcement

  • Search & Rescue / Emergency Response

  • Disaster Relief

  • Large Event Monitoring

  • Data Gathering

  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Monitoring

  • Mapping / Surveying

  • Natural Resource Management

  • Forest Fire Management

  • Mining / Construction


RPAS | Drone Program Enablement

To help organizations extend their capabilities through proper usage and adoption of drone technologies.

We provide program development, implementation, training and maintenance

  •    Approved training to meet Transport Canada requirements for drone operations certificates and licensing

  •    Adoption of best practices for operations: Development of Standard Operating Procedures and Operations manual

  •    Program maintenance and regulatory compliance – procedures, skills and knowledge currency

  •    Choosing the right drone: selection, testing

SFOC Consulting

Getting Special Flight Operations Certification to operate UAVs

  • We assist you in preparing the right SFOC application to meeting Transport Canada requirements and work with Transport Canada to get the appropriate SFOC

  • Consulting on getting Standing “Blanket” SFOC

Applying for a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC)

Terranova Aerospace is staying current and updated on the discussions with industry and Transport Canada, and will help you make the right strategic decisions and get the training that will keep you current and enable to meet any changes in the requirements for the future, including Pilot Permits and testing that are being planned.

Quality Service

We deliver on time and on budget. We provide an SLA on every project.

Our pilots are some of the best drone (UAV) pilots in the country teamed alongside engineers, analysts, professional photographers and video production experts making up the right team of experts for a complete solution.

Safe & Reliable

Safety and reliability are paramount to us. We bring our experience and background in the airline industry and flight operations and follow strict safety practices and go above and beyond the Transport Canada / NAV Canada requirements.

Permit & Insurance

Our standing SFOCs (Special Flight Operations Certificates) allow us to fly almost anywhere in Canada, day and night.  We are covered with extensive liability insurance policy.


We are committed to using current as well as industry leading equipment and trained operators to produce the most accurate results.  Our strategic partnership with drone manufacturers, flight schools, software developers, and cyber defence experts can provide you with the right solution that is available or a custom package for your specific needs.

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