CH-4 MALE RPAS system is a multiple purpose reconnaissance and strike integrated system, with strong payload capacity, and long endurance. This system is proven, complete and highly automatic, with rapid and flexible deployment, simple and convenient operation, so the users can quickly master its application.


The International CH-4 and the proposed North Amercian CH-4 will have a completely different set of features, sensors and capabilities, which will have a rich practical experience, which is able to be mounted with optical, radar etc. payload to conduct reconnaissance and monitoring, intelligence collecting, target location, electronic war and so on, and can also carry 4 to 6 precision guided munitions to carry out anti-terrorist attack, targeted elimination and no-fly zone patrol and the like military actions, to have precise strike of fixed targets and low speed moving targets on the ground. 


The International CH-4 can carry out a wide range of rapid reconnaissance missions in the depth of the enemy, to find out the fixed and moving targets deployed in the region and sea area that the users care about, and monitor the military move of the enemy; and in joint operation, it can carry out some defense penetration reconnaissance. Under the condition of air control by the user, it can carry out reconnaissance and monitoring of key area in the battlefield, the integrated mission of reconnaissance and striking, and attack effect evaluation and so on. CH-4 RPAS has been exported to more than 10 countries, covering more than 20 final users. CH-4 RPAS has won high evaluation by their users, "not inferior to the US M1 Predator, surpassing it in some aspects, for the cost and performance of the CH-4 is considered to many global organizations as the equivalent to the US M1 Predator".    

Moreover, CH-4 RPAS can also be applied forest fire prevention, marine monitoring, maritime supervision, emergency surveying and mapping, and the like fields to enrich data acquisition methods and improve data acquisition efficiency.   Based on CH-4 RPAS, the CH-4 has been involved in forest fire prevention and the RPAS system has been developed and manufactured, which can quickly reach the designated location, and with wide view, it can provide secure and reliable data for decision making in accident disposal.


The CH-4 realizes RPAS monitoring coverage of key forest areas, providing rich intelligence information for fire reconnaissance, prevention and rescue, and providing strong support for daily patrol, field command, and emergency disposal. To meet the demand of Maritime Security Organizations, the CH-4 RPAS ocean application system has been developed, using the satellite communication, to conduct real-time downloading of HD image, carrying camera, and hyperspectral equipment, to observe in high resolution the maritime environment/the coastline. 


The International CH-4 has completed the first major RPAS maritime application operation, and has cooperated with International Ministry of Transportation Agencies to conduct maritime supervision. The same ministry has evaluated the International CH-4 and has realized the first middle-large sized RPAS to conduct maritime official business flights, which is of great practical significance globally.

Terranova Aerospace has technology partners located in the United States,  China, South America, Carribean and others are now joining globally. All private companies of those countries who are working together to develop advanced ISR technologies and UAV/UCAV capabilities toward the ongoing protection of our way of life and in protecting Canadian's both military and civilian alike. The companies that Terranova Aerospace represent are private corporations that are not connected, partners or invested in by any military organization globally, with Terranova Aerospace taking the lead among our partners to improve Canada's defensive posture both in Canada and where Canadian's live and operate throughout the World.